There are many craft people at the festival that make items by hand.










The glass blower gives a half hour display as he heats up glass in an oven and gradually forms and blows a glass bottle or vase. He also has items that he has made on display for sale. If you like glass blowing then you will like this demonstration.

This guy makes miniature catapults that he puts little marshmallows in and shoots people with as they walk by.






Deb at Inch By Inch Weaving works her weaving machine to make the material that she uses to make shoals, bonnetts, mittens and many other items.






































This wood carver demostrates his woodworking human powered machine. He carves all the items you see by hand.



If you like card tricks then you may want to check this guy out. he performs a card trick and then shows you how he did it. He has the card trick deck of cards for sale so you can preform the same tricks he is doing.

Louisiana Renaissance Festival
Hand Made Goods

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Extra Pictures I Have Taken of Many Different People

If you like to shop then you will love this festival. There are all kind of craft people displaying and selling their homemade goods. You have a wood carver, cotton spinner, glass blower, pottery, candle makers and the list goes on. Her are a few pictures of these shops and some videos of the people making their goods in action.

Below is the Glass Blower with molten glass from the oven. It is about a half hour from start to finish. He has his blown glass on display for sale.

Inch By Inch Weaving
Deb Perusse From New York
Visit Deb's website at  email

Deb travels from one Renaissance Festival to another. She says she gets to travel and makes enough money to take care of all of her expenses. She has some beautiful items on display for sale. All items are hand made from her. You can purchase items from her website or at the festival. Visit Deb's site at  email

All items are carved by hand. All these tops below were hand made.
Many other items for sale that are hand made.

Candle Makers - Watch them makes a candle