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From 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM the lanes (streets) were full of people. I had come to this festival in 2008 and the crowd looks like it has doubled in size since then.

I find that a lot of people follow these festivals around because they like them so much. You can see from the pictures that both young and old are here enjoying themselves.

If you wanted to go to all the shows and visit all the shops and do and see everything it would take you at least 2 days. You can get 2 day passes at a discount.

The price for a one day pass is $14 and I don't know of another place you can go to and pay so little and get so much.

Direction signs are on every corner of the lanes.

Louisiana Renaissance Festival
Pictures Of The Lanes

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Extra Pictures I Have Taken of Many Different People

Picture is the lane that goes to where the joust takes place.